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Image of BookJane on Politics today discussing vaccine sites

Private app company staffing vaccine sites in Peel, Sudbury

BookJane, a software firm that describes itself as a “gig economy” platform for the health-care sector, has partnered with Sudbury and the Region of Peel to staff their mass immunization clinics with doctors.

The tech firm says it has already “mobilized” more than 300 doctors through its app, which requires them to enter their College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario credentials, create a profile outlining their specialities and upload a photo of themselves before they can start booking shifts.

Curtis Khan, BookJane’s founder and CEO, says docs on the app are already administering vaccines at seven sites in Peel. The tech firm’s partnership with Sudbury kicks off tomorrow.

Physicians on the app are eager for shifts, which often get snapped up in seconds, Khan told Queen’s Park Today in a phone interview.

Doctors are paid $170 per hour, or $220 hourly on evenings and weekends, to administer vaccines at sites run by hospitals or public health units, according to a recent Ministry of Health bulletin.

Scheduling physicians through BookJane “really helps on the deployment” of vaccines, Khan said.

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