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BookJane and Payroll Harmony Partner to Create Unified Scheduling & Payroll Solutions

BookJane, an automated scheduling and call-out platform built for the senior living industry, long-term care, hospitals and child care centres announced that they have entered into a partnership with Payroll Harmony as a featured integrated partner. The partnership will bring together the strengths of BookJane and Payroll Harmony to unify the staffing and payroll experience across various job functions and address some of the largest challenges in the senior living industry. 


While staffing shortages continue to impact the industry, BookJane J360 Platform helps its clients to optimize their existing staff more efficiently. Due to the current environment in cost savings, BookJane’s J360 Platform provides a reduction in cost by reducing administration time for staffing needs, reducing agency spending and increasing staff retention.   


“The Senior Living industry is evolving and operators are looking for new and innovative ways to address the staffing challenges,” says Jamie Smith, CEO and Founder of Payroll Harmony. “By partnering with BookJane, I can be confident that Payroll Harmony is delivering solutions that not only help our clients address their core Payroll and HR challenges but set them up to excel in staffing, retention, operational efficiency, and more.” 


“BookJane and Payroll Harmony share a common goal to transform the industry with a client-first approach,” says Curtis Khan, CEO and Founder of BookJane. “With our partnership, we will be able to make a broader impact to our clients and address the staffing and payroll pains that have long impacted the industry. We’re looking forward to a successful future together!”



About Payroll Harmony 


Since 1987, we have been dedicated to assisting our customers identify all of their Payroll & HR needs and then providing them with the best possible technology and service fit within their scope and budget.


We have a unique set of tools and a unique approach to streamlining the entire Payroll experience for Business Owners, Managers, HR & Payroll Staff and Employees. 


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About BookJane 


BookJane is an award-winning shift management tool, built for the senior living industry. Their all-in-one platform streamlines complex scheduling and team communication, and automates shift call-out, empowering staff to self-schedule with on-the-go access to flexible shift opportunities through the J360 Mobile App. With BookJane, operators can effortlessly engage staff, manage open shifts, and fulfill shift vacancies, so they can focus on what matters most: caring for residents.