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Image of BookJane and Ohio Health Care association partnership

BookJane Partners With The Ohio Health Care Association To Solve The Staffing Crisis

Toronto, ON - BookJane, all-in-one shift fulfillment platform, is pleased to announce that they have partnered with the Ohio Healthcare Association, to address the staffing crisis and improve the quality of care in Ohio. The staffing solution will improve staff utilization while addressing burnout on the front lines. 

With already strained labor levels being exacerbated by the pandemic, operators in Ohio have experienced extreme difficulty filling shifts due to staffing shortages and heightened absenteeism. BookJane will make it easier for senior care and healthcare centers to fill shifts with qualified staff by automating and enhancing the scheduling, shift call-out and agency call-out process.

“The nationwide staffing crisis has had an immeasurable impact on our members,” Says Heidi McCoy RDN, LD, Clinical Director at the Ohio Healthcare Association, “and a clear demand for technology-driven innovation has emerged. We’re excited to partner with BookJane to offer a scalable shift fulfillment solution to the industry that presents efficient, strategic staffing while also prioritizing quality of care.”

With BookJane J360 Workforce, facilities can focus on high-priority objectives while the platform broadcasts shifts to internal staff, neighboring facilities, internal agencies as well as external staffing agencies, and empower staff to select shifts based on their own preferences and availability to fill shifts in real-time. 

BookJane’s J360 Workforce will equip senior care facilities with a full suite of capabilities, including: 

  • Automated call-out to instantly broadcast open shifts to available staff in real-time
  • Healthcare workers will have access to a mobile app to centralize all shift and schedule information, and empower staff to accept new shifts 
  • Team communications to centralize all announcements and messaging
  • End-to-End scheduling to create, manage and monitor complex schedules
  • Healthcare staffing agency integration to access a wider pool of available qualified staff 

To learn more about how BookJane J360 Workforce makes shift fulfillment easier, more intuitive, and cost-effective, visit www.bookjane.com