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Image of BookJane woman on a computer using J360 workforce and accessing quality staff using  Care Network

BookJane is Transforming How Canada’s Healthcare Sector Accesses Quality Staff With a Nationwide Agency Network

Toronto, ON - BookJane has announced that it is transforming how Canada’s healthcare sector accesses supplemental staff through a nationwide agency network. The network elevates the standard of care with improved transparency around the quality, qualifications, and hourly rates of caregivers, making it easier to access high-quality staff as Canada continues to experience widespread staffing shortages. 

The CareNetwork is accessible through BookJane’s J360 Platform. When open shifts cannot be filled by internal team members, facilities can access the CareNetwork to instantly share their shifts with all participating agency partners and experience real-time fulfillment.  

“This is a critical time in healthcare,” says Curtis Khan, CEO and Founder of BookJane “Staffing shortages remains the top challenge faced across the sector and the ability for hospitals and senior care facilities to access qualified external workforce when their internal teams are sick or burned out is imperative to continuing to provide quality care.” 

“The CareNetwork not only provides real-time access to care providers but elevates the standard of care expected by the sector as well. We are exclusively partnering with like-minded agencies that have a track record of providing respectful, high-quality services in the healthcare sector.”

All partnering agencies will go through a rigorous application process, background checks, ensure compliance with industry standards, valid documentation, and ongoing training. Healthcare providers will also be required to complete regular upskilling to maintain standardized quality of care across all partnering agencies.

Customers are assured of appropriate credentials, including vaccination requirements in this ever-changing healthcare environment. BookJane has established an ongoing quality management program to ensure continued focus on improving standards of care.

The CareNetwork provides protection against agency rate inflation as anecdotal reports of unscrupulous premiums being placed on hourly fees grow. By working with customers and partners to establish consistent pricing guidelines and criteria, BookJane is preventing high inflation to staffing costs and eliminating the opportunity for unfair pricing practices amongst healthcare providers. This ensures fair and equitable access to care to all. 

The CareNetwork is currently recruiting agency partners across North America. Agencies are encouraged to visit https://carenetwork.bookjane.com/agency to learn more about being a CareNetwork partner. 

Healthcare organizations are encouraged to visit www.bookjane.com to learn more about how BookJane and the CareNetwork can help solve your staffing crisis.