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Tech Companies Creating and Repurposing Platforms During COVID-19

TORONTO, April 15, 2020, (whatsyourtech.ca) - In response to the urgent needs of people and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, tech companies in Canada are creating, repurposing and refocusing their software-based hiring platforms and job placement tools.

The ability to book a physician in seconds who can come in and provide some relief for overworked doctors and nurses is one way to address staffing shortages in an overburdened healthcare system. That's just the start of what Ontario-based BookJane is doing, using its proprietary technology platform.

Any hospital or healthcare facility in the province can make a service request on the platform, which is broadcast to participating physicians and appears on their mobile phone screen, generating quick responses and acceptance notices from individuals, based on availability and proximity.

The company's mobile app and cloud-based platform have been selected by the Ontario Medical Association so its members can use and be accessed on the platform. Just days after that partnership was announced, earlier this month, more than 1,500 physicians had registered using their iOS or Android device, and the company reports that its platform has been used to book more than one million caregiver service hours for health care clients across the province.

The app also lets users chat online with prospective hires and track their movements while on the job in real-time. Payments can be made directly through the app.

The OMA has been working with BookJane for the past few weeks to tailor the app to ensure Ontario's physicians are working where they are most needed to fight COVID-19, Allan Dette, Chief Executive Officer, OMA explained in a release. Since launching late on the evening of April 3, more than 1500 physicians have registered. We appreciate BookJane's partnership and thank all the physicians who have signed up. We know many are doing this in addition to their current clinical responsibilities.

BookJane is also working with other caregiver associations, registered nurses and registered partitional nurses among them, to bring their memberships onto the platform so that hospitals may use one single hub for a variety of staffing needs. The platform can also be used to tap into other resource pools, including sister facility locations and other care facilities, when shortages occur.

The company's intensified focus and ability to help the healthcare sector with staff placement is rooted in more than four years of operational experience. It launched in 2016 and it has built up a database of some 2,500 caregiving participants since that time.

Individuals seeking babysitters or elderly attendants, childcare centres with staffing shortages as well as full treatment hospitals have used the service. BookJane's enterprise platform is accessible throughout Canada and in the United States.

The pandemic is causing staffing shortages at many facilities across North America, said Curtis Khan, CEO and Founder of BookJane, and we are proud to provide a solution to help meet the evolving needs of our healthcare system and frontline workers as they deal directly with this crisis.

BookJane is currently waiving administration and overhead costs to access external staff for any facility using the platform.

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