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Image of BookJane's article within Bay Street Bull discussion Ontario's Vaccine Rollout

How BookJane is Helping with Ontario’s Vaccine Rollout

As Canadians await the impending third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about vaccines, and specifically, when and how they are being distributed to the masses remain on everyone’s mind.

BookJane, a Toronto-based SaaS technology company, hopes to help make the task at hand more efficient.

In Sudbury and Peel regions, BookJane is helping to fill medical positions (and administrative positions in Sudbury) at vaccination sites. Something that the CEO of BookJane, Curtis Khan, says is needed, given the complex nature of the rollout.

“A lot of the public health regions are going live now and, and later en masse. If you’re going to start vaccinating hundreds of thousands of Canadians, you need to have the resources to do it,” he says. “And if you don’t, people are going to be left behind.”

Earlier in March, wait times for the vaccine in Newmarket saw many, including seniors, out in the cold for over two hours. A problem that Khan says could be avoided if there was a better system put in place.

How BookJane fills the gaps in staffing

Originally intended as a platform to help ease the process of finding in-home care, BookJane has grown into one of North America’s largest networks of professional caregivers...


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