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Image of BookJane and the Smileroom partnering to give seniorss better access to oral healthcare in their senior care homes

The Smile Room And BookJane Make Oral Health Care More Accessible To Senior Care Facilities In Ontario

January 20th, 2022 (Toronto, Ontario) - Recognizing the challenges brought on by the lack of oral health care in the elderly community, The Smile Room and BookJane are on a mission to make oral health care more accessible to retirement and long-term care facilities in Ontario.

With their direct-to-consumer model, The Smile Room delivers mobile health units straight into elderly care facilities to provide weekly oral care, personalized Teeth Cleaning as well as teledentistry examination and diagnosis services, delivered by registered dental professionals.

By delivering direct professional services, The Smile Room and BookJane help retirement and long-term care facilities overcome significant barriers to care, which can include lack of resident skills to maintain oral health, lack of staff training, lack of resources, or uncooperative seniors. Residents receive significantly improved oral health, which is vital to preventing decay and disease and can systematically impact their overall health if overlooked.

Meanwhile, staff can redirect their time and effort into providing care elsewhere, helping to maximize resident care outcomes while battling consistent staff shortages of 20-30% due to Coronavirus outbreaks.

The Smile Room powered by Book Jane provides a viable answer to the question: how can we improve the oral health of dependent elders?

By pairing Independent Oral Care Specialists with dependent elders, we can reduce the oral disease of clients. Elders no longer need to suffer unnecessarily from poor oral hygiene.

All Smile Room team members are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and undergo regular antigen testing to comply with provincial safety measures. If you’re interested to know more about how The Smile Room can bring these and other on-site Oral Health programs and smiles to your residents, contact them at 1-888-274-9569 or by email at info@thesmileroom.ca



The Smile Room is a Mobile Dental Hygiene practice that brings mobile/portable dental units and dental professionals to people.  They bring the focus from clinic to community and concentrate on prevention and early intervention to avoid late stage repair.  By looking after Oral Health they help support Overall Health.


BookJane is an award-winning staff management platform transforming the way 700+ healthcare facilities across North America schedule and fulfill shifts. Their all-in-one platform streamlines complex scheduling, connecting qualified internal and external workers to open shifts through their centralized Mobile App. With BookJane, facilities can easily engage staff, manage open shifts and fulfill vacancies with automated and rule-based shift callouts, eliminating the administrative burden of scheduling, so they can focus on what matters most: caring for residents.

BookJane's Platform can be deployed virtually and immediately. For more information, please email support@bookjane.com or call 1-855-265-5253 and visit: www.bookjane.com.

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