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Image of BookJane and BC Care Providers partnership for 2021 annual conference

BookJane as a premier partner for BC Care Providers 2021 Conference

BC Care Providers Association and EngAge BC are pleased to announce BookJane as one of the premier sponsors for the 2021 Annual Conference featuring panel discussions, webinars, and a virtual exhibit hall featuring innovative products and services.

BookJane provides a diverse portfolio of solutions in their award-winning workforce management platform, helping over 700 healthcare, long-term care and senior living facilities across North America digitally manage their internal and external workforces. In the urgent fight against COVID-19, BookJane’s powerful time-saving tools and innovative features vastly accelerate staff mobilization, increase shift fulfilment and staff retention while optimizing efficiencies to deliver more quality patient and resident care.

“BookJane’s technology platform supports and allows our clients to be staffed smoothly and efficiently, and in the most timely manner possible to meet their priority needs,” says Curtis Khan, CEO of BookJane.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, BookJane has helped clients expand their workforce management capabilities and accelerate deployment of qualified staff to areas most in need. Key partnerships with the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), and the Ontario Long-term Care Association (OLTCA), are helping to expedite critical efforts and educate how and why embracing new technology can be an easy, smart and game-changing choice in the age of COVID-19.

In April 2020, the OMA partnered with BookJane to help solve the urgent shortage of physicians faced by hospitals in the first wave. In less than a week, BookJane mobilized over 2000 physicians to help Ontario hospitals.

In February 2021, the Region of Peel needed a solution to vaccinate its 1.4 million residents, roughly 10% of Ontario’s population. BookJane was selected based on the partnership and great results with the OMA. In the first 72 hours of launch, BookJane helped deploy 300 doctors with 95% staff adoption in only 5 days and 100% of shifts filled in all 7 locations. Similar results were also found in Sudbury and Thunder Bay locations this year.

BookJane is demystifying new technology for the sector and helping clients in healthcare, long-term care and senior living facilities integrate new solutions, address priority needs to deliver more quality patient and resident care, now and beyond COVID-19.