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BookJane Announces The Release Of Internal Agency Feature

BookJane Announces The Release Of Internal Agency Feature; Health Care Organizations Can Now Build Their Own Internal Staffing Agency With J360 Workforce

BookJane, a leading workforce management solution built for the healthcare industry, today announced that they are helping to eliminate staffing agency reliance with the launch of their fully automated internal agency module on J360 Workforce. The new feature allows healthcare operators to easily build, deploy and manage their own staffing agency to fill critical staffing gaps across their organization. 

BookJane’s Internal Agency feature offers the “best of both worlds,” providing senior living communities, hospitals, and child care centers with a cost-efficient staffing solution.  As well as offering flexible working opportunities to staff; significantly improving the quality, consistency, and dependability of care being delivered while making drastic improvements for employee retention and operating margins. 

“Agency costs have dramatically risen in recent years, both due to increase in demand as well as opportunistic price gouging,” says Curtis Khan, CEO, and Founder of BookJane. “BookJane has always been focused on increasing staffing efficiency, but with internal agency, we have provided the opportunity to eliminate agency usage. Operators can easily create and manage their own internal agency and automatically deploy on-demand staff in seconds - with no required manual intervention. It’s a game-changer for the industry.”

BookJane’s Internal Agency module additionally offers the opportunity to address a growing workforce trend in healthcare - employee flexibility. Non-traditional employees such as retirees, students, stay-at-home parents, etc., have the opportunity to accept a variety of shifts that fit their unique interests, increasing the availability of staff to fill critical staffing gaps. Which is much needed in the industry. 

Organizations can provide their internal agency staff the opportunity to browse and accept shifts that work around their schedule by self-scheduling on a mobile app. Shifts can be tailored by length, position, and location and can be fulfilled in as little as 30 seconds. 

“BookJane is committed to supporting our clients in meeting the evolving challenges of the workforce,” Says Curtis Khan, CEO “Internal Agency not only provides much-needed relief to escalating agency fees but offers a practical and scalable solution to solving the continuing labor shortage. We’re very optimistic about what this means for healthcare and the future of staffing in the industry.”

Click here to learn more about BookJane's Internal Agency feature.


About BookJane 

BookJane is an award-winning staff management tool, built for the senior living industry. Their all-in-one platform streamlines complex scheduling and team communication, and automates shift call-out, empowering staff to self-schedule with on-the-go access to flexible shift opportunities through the J360 Mobile App. With BookJane, operators can effortlessly engage staff, manage open shifts, and fulfill shift vacancies, so they can focus on what matters most: caring for residents.

Learn more at www.bookjane.com

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