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Amica Senior Lifestyles partners with BookJane to increase internal staff usage by 25%

At Glance

Shift Fulfillment increased to 90%+

Hours worked by staff increased by 25%

Reduce agency usage by 20%

Reduce admin time from hours to minutes


About Amica Senior Lifestyle

For nearly 25 years, Amica Senior Lifestyles has enriched the lives of Canadian seniors and loved ones with its customized approach to care. Canadian-owned and operated, Amica residences can be found in neighbourhoods throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

The Challenge

Like many in the long-term care sector, Amica struggled with filling shifts and recruiting new staff, as the widespread labor shortage in Canada continues to worsen. Ensuring critical skill coverage and care hours for their residents was a top priority, and while they re-calibrated their focus to recruiting and retaining more staff to fill available shifts, their team was still facing several challenges.

1. Open Shift Coverage

Despite having dedicated coordinators spending anywhere from 2-3 hours a day scheduling and filling vacant shifts, open-shift coverage was in the 40-50% range, leaving a significant number of shifts unfulfilled.

2. Surging Labor Costs

Unable to pair vacant shifts with available and qualified staff, Amica paid a premium to either outsource to a third-party agency or pay staff overtime.

3. Workforce Turnover

Part-time and casual workforce, which made up 60% of their workforce experienced staff turnover upwards of 100% annually, placing extreme pressure on recruitment and training costs.

4. Quality of Care

Agency staff provided an inconsistent and inferior quality of care compared to internal staff.


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“Before BookJane, I was living on my phone. I would spend 2 to 3 hours a day to find staff, now I spend 5-10 minutes. Since our team members are the ones accepting the shifts (versus agencies), the residents are happier and quality of care is excellent.”

Megha K., Assistant Living Coordinator

The Solution

In 2019, Amica partnered with BookJane to better utilize their internal staff across 31 of their facilities. BookJane helped connect their available staff to open shifts by automating callouts and empowering staff with a self-service app to accept and monitor new shift assignments.

By automating the callout process, incorporating seniority tiering and intuitive simple user interfaces, BookJane J360 dramatically changed the overall engagement with their existing team members and empowered them to take on additional shifts, depending on their availability.

Within 30-days of full deployment of BookJane J360 at Amica, they saw results that significantly impacted their utilization of their workforce and delivered a long-term solution to solving the labor shortage.

1. Shift Fulfillment

Fulfillment rates increased by 40-50% to 90%+ by utilizing internal staff

2. Staff Usage

By offering staff the transparency and flexibility to pick up new shifts, they saw their average hours worked by staff increased by 25%

3. Labor Costs

Amica reduced agency usage by 20% as well as overtime, saving $1+ Million a year

4. Administration Time

Administration time was reduced from hours to minutes for each open-shift request


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