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How to boost staff productivity in the summer months

While very little can beat the joy of a warm and leisurely summer day, the season can also mean stress for managers who must plan for the large number of staff taking their annual vacation. It is also a time of year when managers must work extra hard to ensure that they keep staff motivated while also allowing them the time and flexibility needed to enjoy the short and fleeting summer season.

In this blog we look at ways that managers can keep employees motivated and productive while also allowing them to enjoy those glorious days of summer.


1) Pre-Plan

Ensure staffing needs are met all summer long by planning vacation time. Understanding staff vacation plans well in advance of the summer season allows managers to meet all their temporary staffing needs and avoid any unpleasant staffing shortages or surprises. BookJane’s workforce management platform and scheduling tool can help managers plan more effectively.

2) Vacation Calendar

Graphic of a BookJane vacation airline ticket

Whether its by providing staff access to a digital calendar or an old-school wall calendar, a visual reminder to the whole team about scheduled vacation time can help to accommodate last minute time-off requests that may come up. Empower employees to consult the calendar and understand whether any last-minute time off requests can be accommodated.

3) Offer Flex Time

Summer is a short season and tends to fly by. Help employees make the most of fleeting summer days by offering flex time, whether in the form of alternate Fridays off or early leave Fridays. The key to success for any flex program is to ensure that it is consistent, and that there is enough staff in place to cover work that may come up on the flex days.

 Graphic of a BookJane Quote "One way to prevent large numbers of staff vacationing at the same time is to incorporate a first come, first served policy."

4) First Come First Serve

 In the healthcare and long-term care industry staffing needs are 24/7. Planning for holidays and flex time can be a challenge when the needs of the organization are nonstop. One way to prevent large numbers of staff vacationing at the same time is to incorporate a first come, first served policy. If staff know they want to take time off in the summer, it is best if they also know that they need to ask for the time well in advance. The first come first served policy encourages staff to plan and ask for time off well in advance. 

5) Casual Workers

In the challenging healthcare industry having a pool of casual or part-time workers makes sense at the best of times, but particularly during the summer holiday season. Having a pool of casual or part-time workers to tap into at a moment’s notice can alleviate stress for all concerned.

6) Annual Summer Event

An annual summer work picnic or outing is a growing tradition in many industries. Company summer parties are a great way to show staff appreciation and build engagement, while also offering an important excuse to enjoy the weather. In the healthcare sector, where staff are needed 24/7, be sure to plan several events so that all staff can enjoy the fun.

Graphic of BookJane health care shift workers going on vacationWarm weather, sunshine, vacations, and family time. Summer is a wonderful time of year, and a season when going to work may be less than great for some staff. With a little planning and creativity, managers can succeed with keeping employees motivated and focused during those lazy, hazy days of summer.


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