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Competition for Staff Ignites the Need for Beehive Homes to Innovate

BeeHive Franchisee of 34 Communities across Texas and New Mexico Demonstrates Their Attention toward Staff Retention, Wellness, and Flexibility in the Workplace through Technology.

Toronto, ON, August 16th, 2022 - As operators struggle to retain and recruit staff in wake of the national staffing shortage, BeeHive Homes New Mexico is partnering with BookJane, all-in-one shift fulfillment platform, to enhance their employee experience and stand out in the job market. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of labor, the nursing home industry lost roughly 224,000 front-line workers since 2020. Placing heightened stress on team members and compounding the impact of subsequent turnover and labor costs.   

Nathan Manning, Owner and COO, knew that to remain competitive, BeeHive New Mexico needed to rethink their approach to solving the labor crisis, particularly focusing on the employee experience and providing innovative tools to their staff. 

Starting on their first day, all new BeeHive employees are encouraged to spend time directly with their residents to build personal relationships; a successful tip he shares to create an impactful onboarding experience.

“It’s important to our team that new staff feel like they’re a part of the community and that we build a culture that they want to continue to come back to work to.” Says  Nathan. 

Manning also added that when staff don’t show up to work, it puts a heavy burden on administrators trying to fill empty last-minute shifts. Causing stress and a high turnover due to burnout.

“We want our employees to focus on work that is both meaningful and enjoyable. When they have to fill unexpected vacancies, they are spending up to 5 hours calling potential replacements instead,” Says Nathan. “We’ve recently introduced BookJane, an innovative shift call-out platform, to solve this issue. Schedulers can now easily notify staff of available shifts and empower them to accept shifts directly on their phone. We’re filling more shifts, faster while eliminating the root cause of a lot of employee dissatisfaction.”

BookJane also provides BeeHive New Mexico the ability to offer their staff greater control over their schedules with flexible shift opportunities. Staff can browse and accept shifts from their primary community or from nearby BeeHive locations and build a schedule that fits their lifestyle. BeeHive can additionally attract students and recently retired frontline staff to their workforce to work flex shifts and bolster shift fulfillment.

“One of the cool things that we also really liked about BookJane was the ability to communicate with all of our staff from any level. We send out a daily text centering around motivation, wellness, and/or self-improvement. The app will help us make a greater impact by reaching as many people as possible,”  Says Nathan Manning.  “Our staff are very enthusiastic about the transition and are looking forward to our partnership with BookJane!”

BeeHive is currently working with BookJane’s dedicated customer success team to implement automated call-out, scheduling, and team communications across their 34 locations and set up their employees with quick and easy training and onboarding. 

“We are proud to be partnering with BeeHive Homes,” says Curtis Khan, CEO, and Founder of BookJane. “As the staffing crisis unfolds across North America, we’re motivated to work with forward-thinking employers that are dedicated to prioritizing their employee’s wellbeing. We’re thrilled to be a central part of BeeHive Home’s employee strategy and look forward to working together.”


Trying To Stand Out In The Job Market With Staff Flexibility?

With BookJane, you can offer your employees more control over when and where they work, increasing retention, increasing success in the recruitment cycle, and improving the availability of staff. Reach out and see how easy it is to get started.